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  A standard on kitchens throughout the country, laminate or formica worksurfaces are normally around 40mm thick with a vast array of colours and textures available. A brilliant low cost solution with the options of upstands or splashback . The main draw backs are that they do not work well with curved kitchen units and that they cannot be used with under mount sinks or Belfast sinks.
Solid timber worktops give a very natural, earthy look to your kitchen. With thicknesses available of 28mm and 40mm they have great design potential and are very versatile, can be routered into any shape, and can also be used as floating tables and breakfast bars. They can be used with undermount sinks, Belfast sinks, and inset sinks, and also look great mixed with granite worktops. Timber tops do have an element of maintance and require to be oiled on a regular basis to maintain their fantastic natural look.

A solid acrylic worksurface which is fitted on site without the need for template. At 25mm thick this man-made solution gives a stone like look to modern and traditional kitchens. Has the great ability when joined, to leave a virtually invisible joint, only the most trained eye could spot. This product is solid acrylic, therefore any sink can be used including undermounts, draining grooves can also be designed into this product. A non porous worktop which is great to guard against staining. For best results with mistral we would recommend you stick to the lighter colours, the darker tops tend to require more maintance and can also be difficult to maintain to a quality finish.

A timeless favourite of the kitchen world. Normally 30mm thick Granite gives a natural quality look to either a modern or a traditional design. A good range of colours are available, as this is a natural product there can be a quick turn around on the availability of the more popular colours and styles, always check availability. Undermount sinks and Belfast sinks are great for granite, but always remember granite is natural product and has pores, so it can be stained, especially if you are working with lighter colours.

A very advanced re-formed stone work surface. Silestone is a crush of natural stone and resins resulting in a surface that has the non porous properties of a man-made top and the cold stone look of granite. At 12mm, 20mm, 30mm thick this is a very versatile surface to use in your design, as each colour choice can be finished in a gloss of matt texture, once again always just check availability. All types of sinks can be considered and there is also a selected range of colours which can have a moulded sink option (see our showroom for a great example). Just remember it is a stone top so it does have a visible join as with granite.

Corian is a man-made solid surface with limitless design possibilities, due to its ability to be curved and moulded to any shape. This solution has the feature of almost invisible joints and a great colour range. Along with undermount sinks, Corian has a range of moulded sinks to give that ultra modern look of a worktop and sink combined. This worksurface like granite does require to be templated once your kitchen is fitted so always allow more time in your schedule.